Webhook integrations in minutes!

Integrate webhooks with your own APIs in minutes and without deployments.

Create a project, use its URL, transform the data, and make requests to your own APIs

Simple integrations without deployments

Small integrations shouldn't need new deployments and boilerplate. We got your back

Receive data in Hookglue

Receive data on your project URL, log the requests, and create multiple data processing pipelines.

Transform and log your data

Transform the data in your requests using Jinja templating language, before sending the data.

Send your API requests

Send your transformed data forward to one or multiple destinations through new API requests

Why hookglue?

After working on integrations for multiple years, we got tired of writing the same code over and over for small integrations.

So we're building Hookglue, a simple (KISS) platform for creating small webhook integrations, allowing you to save time and money.

Coming soon

  • Receive and forward data by other methods
  • Replay failed requests and access past hooks
  • Dynamic responses to webhook sender


Simple pricing for commercial applications


For small projects

€4,99 / mo

  • Max 5 Projects
  • 60 requests / min limit
  • 3 outbound lanes per project
  • -
  • -

Try out Hookglue for your personal projects, like notifications and workflow automations.

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Unlimited requests

€29,99 / mo

  • Unlimited projects
  • 600 requests / min limit
  • Unlimited lanes per project
  • Webhook history
  • -

Automate your operations and engineering workflows by calling internal and external APIs.

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Self-host or reliability critical

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  • Unlimited Projects
  • No throughput limits
  • Unlimited emitters
  • Webhook history
  • All new features first
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Doesn't fit you?

Let us know what you think about our pricing model, and what would be ideal for you

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